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Dinesh Sunar Has Set the Fifth Guinness Book World Record in Parkour

Nepali parkour player Dinesh Sunar has set a new Guinness World record in the United States. Last March, under the sponsorship of Sunshine Taekwondo Academy in Akron, Ohio, Dinesh tried

DHS releases Interagency Strategy for Promoting Naturalization

Today the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released the Interagency Strategy for Promoting Naturalization, a whole-of-government approach to breaking down barriers to U.S. citizenship and promoting

The UK government has opened the Graduate visa route allowing them to work

The UK government has opened the Graduate immigration route on July 1, 2021, which allows UK graduates from eligible Higher Education Providers to apply for a two- or three-year visa

Remarkable Contributions of MP Harry Bhandary in Social Welfare of Nepali

From DV victims and TPS carriers to vaccinations in Nepal Anil Adhikari The United States will provide about 7 million doses of vaccine to countries in Asia, including Nepal. There

Nabaraj KC And Austin Shafran Cross – Endorse From The City Council District 19

Nabaraj KC, who is running in the Democratic primary on June 22 for City Council District 19, announced his endorsement of Austin Shafran as his #2 choice for city council

Art is Way to Spread Happiness and Inspire People – Ajit Kumar Sah

Ajit Kumar Sah is one of the most imaginative artists of Mithila culture. With an eye for artistic creation, he has created many aesthetically appealing paintings and artworks. In his

George Onuorah Declared His Candidacy For New York City Council From District 21

New York- Declaration of early stages by George Onuorah as a candidate for New York City Council. He aspires to represent District 21 in Queens – a region that encompasses Jackson

George Onuorah Endorsed Nabaraj KC for City council

George Onuorah for City Council candidates from district 21 endorsed Nabaraj KC, a candidate running to represent District 19 in the city council this year. The program was held in the silver spoon dinner

Citizens Honor to Journalist Panthi From More Than a Dozen Organizations in New York

Rajan Thapaliya, Editor Journalist Kishor Panthi has been honored as a Citizens Honor in the United States. More than a dozen social organizations in New York have jointly honored Mr.

Ujjwal Thakuri Breaks the World Records of Pakistani Player Mohammad Rashid

Ujjwal Sharma Thakuri, an exceptional and extraordinary karate player, holds nine Guinness book world records. Ujjwal Thakuri, a nine-time world record holder who has been living in the US DC

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