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Why Are Women Still Insecure?

प्रकाशित मिति : कार्तिक ८, २०७८ सोमबार

With the development of science, it has been five decades since the Navagraha test and the human footprint on the satellite. The thinking of most of us is still five decades old. When we consider the condition of women in some underdeveloped countries like ours, it seems that the development of science and our thinking needs to change. There is a great need for a change in thinking as the situation of some women is similar in many countries where science has been developed.

Even the United States, which led the world after World War II, has not been able to accept a woman president. Kamala Harris is the new Vice President. If we talk about the condition of women alone, we know that except for a few lucky women, all the women are in a dilemma at this time. At this time of development of education, the condition of some of the less fortunate daughters is still saddening.

As a teacher in a government school in the capital, I look after the students and parents who come to study there. I hear their concerns, especially in the presence of female parents. And I remember, are women signing access to government positions and power? I ask myself the question of how many and under what conditions and with what rights. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state in the world. Similarly, in many other countries, there are women prime ministers or executives.

Of course, getting there is an exception. Let’s not get into that pot. But let’s remember the condition of women even in a country led by the same woman. Let’s take a look at the newspapers published from there. What their condition is, is clear.

My conclusion is that as long as forgiveness and greatness do not grow in the heart of every good man, even in those few beastly men, I see the insecurity of women will increase.

Not only was the punishment given to such brutal people, but the nation should also be able to bring positive thinking in the youth. At present, not every young girl feels safe because of such human beings. Many are in a state of despair and fear. In the course of time, is she respected like the woman described in the Veda Puran yesterday? And the issue of women’s safety is far away.

Feminine beauty

As defined in our religion and culture, the beauty of a woman is to reflect her modesty and erudition—however, this time, the interpretation is found to be different. And the extravagance of women is also to blame. The world is in an epidemic of covid at this time. However, the country has moved forward at its own pace. Science is controlling it. But what about women’s safety? This coward also became an additional curse for women. Kovid had to stay locked up in all the houses. Due to which violence against women increased. Women could not be free. There are also incidents where they have become like playing. A daughter, Baba, I am also becoming an astronaut. I am also studying at a world-renowned university, scientist, doctor, engineer, pilot, CA, government job, including what happens. On the one hand, there is the crowd of lucky daughters who have grown up living under the honorable protection of their parents, while on the other hand, there are unfortunate daughters who are facing insecurity, as I mentioned above. How much respect does every man have for the woman who is called Janani by birth?

And the question without fearless fearlessness, why is it that men and women who walk unhindered like the wind suffer from such conservative thinking? And why beastly men in the crowd of good men? And how revered are those who are born sisters, daughters, and wives under the protection of every brother, father, uncle, friend and in the crowd of lucky women who get respect, protection, love, and rights, where is the condition of those unfortunate women and daughters? Joe gets robbed on the way and dies after being robbed.

What is the meaning of reward after suffering?

When will every daughter succeed without suffering like Muskan Khatun to get the award? When and why is Malala Yousaf able and comfortable to get an education without becoming? How can a person who is born to be a friend become a safe friend, how much respect he/she gets in the society when he/she reaches out to each (friend) friend, laughs or talks, only expresses his / her heartache or only meets? How much are those who are compared to Kali, Saraswati, and Lakshmi revered and respected in this society and among our good male guardians?

Unless every mother gives moral education to her son and daughter, women will have to suffer like those unfortunate Nirmala Bhagirathi and smiles. It also requires action against those involved. You should not be allowed to walk in the open. Otherwise, why can’t a mother who is proud of her son being sacrificed for the sake of the country ask for punishment according to the law in view of her son’s crime?

Why do they cover up the crime of the beastly son and such a heinous crime? As long as mothers cannot do this, women will continue to be humiliated. As long as a mother is educated and knowledgeable and every mother can give moral and moral education to every child while raising her, no cruel and inhumane incidents will be stopped in the country.

Until every section of society understands that women and men are the guardians of society, women’s development, dignity, and freedom will continue to be abducted or neglected. Yes, everyone should have great faith in themselves, and it is good to have faith in oneself in this way. But no one is and should not be allowed to put others on their feet because of their pride and arrogance that they are men of this society.

It is important for every mother, teacher, and educated, intellectual leader of the society to explain that the journey of ego and pride ends with the destruction and end of personality. Why such irony in a world so adorned with good male deeds and made of bravery? How did all sorts of hateful feelings arise in the crowd of women and daughters who are sitting with the beautiful support and love of everyone, with the sacred support of protection? On daughters and women to protect themselves?

And, finally, I must say

Women are mothers, sisters, and even wives. Mother’s arms, sister’s affection, wife’s companionship are the components of a man’s life. Therefore, there is an interdependent relationship between men and women, and there is no difference. The only difference is the biological diversity, the physical constitution that gives birth to the baby. Inequality and insecurity cannot be taken for the same reason.

The only thing is that the daughter had to live a dignified and dignified life in an uninterrupted, safe and protected manner, and the daughter had to live with self-awareness because sometimes the daughter also appears to be intimidated, not to be controlled and to be gentle and decent without abusing her rights. In this way, the society had to be adorned with beautiful knowledgeable thinking of men and women.


   न्युयोर्क स्टेट, डिपार्टमेन्ट अफ स्टेट, डिभिजन अफ कर्पोरेशन, दर्ता नम्बर: ५२५५२५८

नमस्ते मिडिया इन्क.

न्युयोर्क, अमेरिका

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