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CICA University Bestows Journalist Kishor Panthi with an Honorary Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.)

प्रकाशित मिति : पुस २०, २०७८ मंगलबार

In recognition of the meritorious service of humanity through journalism, CICA University America has bestowed Kishor Panthi with an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. Kishor Panthi is a New York based journalist, anchor, and television host. Dr. Sharon J. Baquedo-Phinn, the president of the university, said the honor was bestowed on the party for its contribution to the good of humanity. She told that the ceremony for the graduation program has been fixed for 22th January 2022. Every year, the university honors the great and selfless humanitarian contributions of individuals by awarding honorary doctorate degrees. While explaining the criterion for the award of an honorary doctorate degree, Sharon J. Phinn explained that the minimum standard is more than a decade-long outstanding professional service to humanity. Journalist Panthi is the editor-in-chief of Khasokhas, which is being published in New York for the last 11 years. Among his two-decades-long journalism career, Panthi has worked in the United States for almost twelve years now. In the United States, he has been the voice of the Nepali Diaspora. He is quite well known in the Nepali-American community because he has always focused on the interests of the Nepali-American community. He also writes on pro-American immigration, politics, and social issues. Kishor Panthi said that the conferment of this prestigious award is not only a distinction for him but also for the whole American-Nepali community. Many personalities, including Prophet Shepherd Bushiri from CICA University, have been awarded honorary doctorate degrees in the past. Some of the U.S. lawmakers have also received honorary Ph.D. from CICA University. The 42nd Commissioner of the Boston Police Department, William Gross, also received an honorary Ph.D. from CICA University. He received his honorary Ph.D. in 2015 as Boston Police Superintendent of Chief.

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