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The Unstoppable Ang Dawa Sherpa: A Story of Courage and Perseverance in the World of Mountaineering

Ang Dawa Sherpa is truly an extraordinary mountaineer who has climbed Mount Everest a remarkable ten times. Born in a small village in Nepal, he was drawn to the mountains

Sarbendra Khanal, One Of South Asia’s Most Influential Former Police Officers, Came To The Polls, And The Election Atmosphere In Nepal Heated Up

South Asia’s most influential former police officer Sarbendra Khanal in the election field. In the upcoming House of Representatives elections in Nepal, the CPN-UML has nominated former Inspector General of

ECDPA Celebrates 53rd Annual Sharod Utsav in Presence of NYC Mayor

East Coast Durga Puja Association (ECDPA) recently hosted its annual three-day  Sharod Utsav on October 14th,15th &,16th in Queens, New York.  It was a spectacular event, replete with live music

NYC Mayor Eric Adams and NYC Deputy Commissioner Dilip Chauhan Celebrated Durga Puja Celebrations

New York Puja Association’s Board of Director Biswajit Chakraborty said The New York Puja Association (NYPA) is a non-profit social and cultural association that has been serving the greater NYC

NYC Mayor Adams Graced the Nepali American Music Festival in Queens

On the auspicious occasion of the Nepali festival, Dashain and Deepawali, the “Nepal American Music Festival” was conducted at Diversity Plaza, Queens, New York City, the United States, in an

FIA Celebrated Grand India Day Parade In Presence Of Grand Marshal Allu Arjun And NYC Mayor Eric Adams On August 22nd 2022, New York City

Billed as the world’s biggest Indian event outside the nation, the annual India Day Parade was held in New York City celebrating India’s 75th anniversary of Independence. Telugu megastar Allu

Applications Open for ‘N+ Professional Mr. Model Of The World Nepal’ Contest

The “Mr. Model of the World Nepal” competition has been declared for the “Mr. Model of the World” contest to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. In the past, models selected

U.S. Department of State Launches Multi-Billion Dollar Evolve Acquisition to Modernize U.S. Diplomatic Technology

On Friday, July 8, 2022, the U.S. Department of State launched a draft Request for Proposals (RFP) outlining a multi-billion dollar “Evolve” acquisition strategy to modernize U.S. diplomatic technology. Evolve is a

Why Do Dalits Need Reservations In Nepal?

Om Prakash VK Gahatraj The best way to bring Dalits and backward communities into the mainstream of national development is the principle of positive discrimination. This is an instrument; a

Karnali Arts Center and Equality Labs To Be Awarded This Year’s ‘Darnal Award For Social Justice’

This year’s Darnal Award for Social Justice (DASJ) 2022 will be awarded to Karnali Arts Centre (KAC), a community-based arts organization from Nepal and Equality Labs (EL), a U.S.-based Dalit

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