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Infected Abroad 2019 – A Combination of Hope, Emotions, And Love

प्रकाशित मिति : मंसिर ४, २०७८ शनिबार

This documentary carries a family’s hopes and emotions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many families lost their breadwinners, and many succeeded in surviving the nightmare. Infected abroad 2019, the documentary revolves around the story of Manchhiring Tamang, a Nepali Covid-19 survivor. During the third week of March 2019, the deadly coronavirus was spreading prolifically in New York. It is the autobiography of a survivor who was away from his family. The story depicts the relationship between family members while Mr. Tamang was abroad and suffering from Covid-19. His wife, Lily Maya Tamang, resides in Thankot, Kathmandu, with her son Mingmar and her daughter Lopsang. Manchiring first met his wife around 1998, and in 1999 they got married. In March 2020, Manchhiring Tamang was infected from Covid 19. Manchiring, who was fighting between life and death alone in New York, deeply missed his family back in Nepal. Many nights were scattered, filled with tears, but there is life as long as there is hope. It conveys the pain of being thousands of miles away from family members and how the emotional support, love, affection families provide. The importance of family and the love and support that can be gained from being with one another shines through the documentary of Manchhiring Tamang. The love and support of family plays a role in boosting people’s morale during difficult times. The main character and the director of the documentary, Manchiring, loves to visit different places in the world. He has a lot of family support, and he is very joyful. The film takes a look at how much the family has been affected by the novel virus and how much their morale has been weakened. After winning the corona battle, Manchiring went to Nepal to meet his family members; no words could express his happiness. The importance of family in times of pain and suffering can be an example to all. The heart-touching and painful documentary makes audiences emotional. It goes to show how family members can boost each other’s morale, and how there is nothing greater in the world than love. This documentary represents ordinary Nepali and immigrant youth from all over the world who live far away from their families.

   न्युयोर्क स्टेट, डिपार्टमेन्ट अफ स्टेट, डिभिजन अफ कर्पोरेशन, दर्ता नम्बर: ५२५५२५८

नमस्ते मिडिया इन्क.

न्युयोर्क, अमेरिका

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