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The Second Edition of KAMPAN Launched From the Mt. Everest

प्रकाशित मिति : जेष्ठ १०, २०७६ शुक्रबार

On Monday, May 20th Kami Rita Sherpa, who has scaled Mt. Everest 24 times, carried the book Second edition of Kampan to the Mt. Everest. Kami Rita Sherpa summited Everest for the 24th time at 6:30 am. He broke his own previous records. World’s tallest peak Mt. Everest is famous across the world. Thousands of people from across the world come to Nepal to climb Mt. Everest. It is the tallest peak in the world. For the courageous people, climbing Everest is their identity.

Kishor Panthi, a New York based journalist residing in New York, has published a book “KAMPAN”. The book delineates the afflictions of people of Nepal because of the destructive earthquake of April 25th, 2015. More than 3,000 people were killed by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake, including at least 18 people at Mt. Everest. This book is a collection of experiences of well-established people and other people who became victims of Nepali earthquake. The book explains various viewpoints into many slices of life through history and time. Time can be the greatest teacher of all. Because this book explains the experiences and view of the victims in a vivid way, I believe that this book will definitely be an evergreen text that will be read throughout time, and its meanings and messages can be adapted to fit whatever the reader is going through or needs help with.

According to filmmaker and photographer Binod Adhikari, on Monday at 6.38 am Kami Rita Sherpa successfully summit the Mt. Everest. Mr. Adhikari, who is making the documentary based on the Kami Rita Sherpa’s journey to Everest.

Any kind of disaster can embroil the life, but by being compassionate and lending a helping hand to others, we can do our best to help other to surmount the seemingly indefatigable challenges posed by the disaster. In 1998, during the midnight, an earthquake of a magnitude of 6.9 shook the whole of Nepal. Had the recent earthquake hit Nepal during midnight, the number of causalities would have been much higher. I shudder at this thought, but it highlights the unpredictability that constantly surrounds us.

The book has been simultaneously launched in several different countries including Nepal, USA, UK, Europe etc. The wrath of Mother Nature was a catastrophe that affected the lives of millions of Nepalese. The worst nightmare snatched lives, homes, families from people in just fraction of seconds. As people of Nepal have together faced this tragedy with fortitude, the poignant details of tribulation evoke the memories of the horrific earthquake and strengthen the bond of fraternity among peoples of Nepal residing world. Kampan was launched by former prime ministers of Nepal, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, and Madhav Kumar Nepal. In this book, various experiences have been added from the events the earthquake. It has also included the earthquake-affected areas and relief programs. The total 220 pages of Kampan includes a heartbreaking story of numerous peoples injured hopes, their reliefs, restoration after the massive earthquake. In other words, this book in its entirety is the witness of the massive earthquake that shook Nepal.

The powerful read is divided into six segments with ineluctable stories that you simply will not be able to skip. The author has penned down riveting interviews and brought stories of several people whose lives were affected in different ways by the earthquake. Kishor Panthi, the author of the book and a well-known journalist, is currently working as the editor-in-chief of KHASOKHAS, a Nepali news media published and circulated in the USA.


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