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Today, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. announced that his office is providing more than $5.6 million in capital funds to 59 education projects all over the borough as part of his FY2017 capital funding allocations.

Projects funded this year include; classroom upgrades, the creation of new media centers, library renovations, technology upgrades, playgrounds, auditorium renovations and other physical plant improvements in public schools across The Bronx. In addition, Borough President Diaz has allocated over $2 million in capital funding to each of the borough’s City University of New York (CUNY) institutions.

“The education of our children is perhaps the most important responsibility we have as elected officials, and I remain as committed as ever to providing all the necessary resources our borough’s schools need to help our students strive for excellence in education,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.  “This critical funding helps keep our educational institutions vibrant, and our students, teachers and parents inspired. Funding like this is critical to our borough’s continued growth, and I am proud to have funded so many important school projects in every corner of our borough.”

School projects funded by Borough President Diaz this year include $200,000 for the renovation and upgrade of the Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics auditorium, $500,000 to rehabilitate playgrounds at P.S. 194 and P.S. 214 in partnership with the Trust for Public Land, and $79,000 for new auditorium seats at P.S. 304. Borough President Diaz also funded dozens of technology upgrades at schools across the borough, among other projects.

“I understand the importance of education, and I am proud to have provided funding to so many worthy projects,” said Borough President Diaz. “Upgrading our school facilities is one more step forward towards providing better education in The Bronx, and is an important component as we continue push to improve the lives of our 1.4 million residents.”

Borough President Diaz also noted that his own personal history with CUNY made it especially important for him to fund the borough’s public higher education institutions through his capital budget.

“I know firsthand how important our CUNY colleges are, being a graduate of Lehman College and a CUNY ‘two-fer’ myself,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “Our CUNY institutions provide students from all walks of live with a high quality education, and their continued success is vital to our borough’s continued positive transformation.

Since taking office in 2009, Borough President Diaz has funded a total of 303 school projects for $40,621,000. During the same period, he has provided $11,004,000 to 19 higher education projects in every corner of the borough.

A complete list of education projects funded by Borough President Diaz in FY 2017 can be found at http://on.nyc.gov/2a3lXem. A complete list of higher education projects funded by Borough President Diaz in FY 2017 can be found at http://on.nyc.gov/2a3A6bd.

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