Cruising Using Sun is the Future

प्रकाशित मिति : आश्विन २६, २०७४ बिहीबार

By Beata Mordawska

Touristic traffic increases each year in certain places. Many destinations need to take care of the environmental issues that tourists, apart from financial benefits, bring with themselves. With the numbers of people visiting the given place every day, each little saving in congestion may be calculated into thousands of tons of CO2 not inserted into the atmosphere over the year.
We already have electric cars and motorcycles in the cities, now we may turn even greener using solar boats for sightseeing. We invite you to visit places, whether you know them already, or not, but from a water perspective and with causing neither noise nor pollution, just using the energy of the sun.

Welcome on the board of SollinEr – our Solar Catamaran, produced in Poland by Green Dream Boats, which for the last 3 years has helped to discover the world’s finest destinations in an eco way. Imagine the water walk in the Douro, one of the most beautiful rivers, without being responsible for producing unnecessary air pollution.

Yet it is not only what you may see and where, as each place has something more to discover. What we offer is an invitation to take a time with yourself, with closest friends of yours and family, and simply relax. Leave your worries onshore and gain distance from them, while hearing a gentle sound of water splashing rather than the noise of a motorboat. Talk to each other or choose to say nothing. Feel the nature with all your senses.

You are gonna love it! Happiness on the board of SollinEr is a must. All the comfort will be provided to you together with the simplicity of maneuver. Even if you have never thought of having a boat, here is the opportunity to reconsider becoming the owner of the world’s top safe and ecological catamarans, with the autonomy of even 18 hours without the sun!

Enjoy luxuries already in the base version of SollinEr, which include a remotely lowered elegant roof to allow you to pass where other boats will not fit. Tell us how you like the design of the boat, including a comfortable sundeck, optional led lightning, and accessories in inox and teek. Make night cocktail parties onboard to impress your business partners. You may even succeed in closing deals during a cruise.

Whatever you choose to do with this solar boat, we know you are going to have your best time onboard, no maintenance worries and only positive impact on the surrounding. And then you are going to share your story!

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Maximum Speed 6,5 knots
Crew limit 10 people
Hull length 620 cm
Hull width 233 cm
Maximum draft 45 cm
Price from 39,000 EUR net

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