Grand Diwali Celebration at Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights, known as Little India in New York

प्रकाशित मिति : मंसिर ३, २०७७ बुधबार

In an unending stream of Diwali Celebration in New York, Hami Nepali Global and Rotary Club of New York “Queens” held its First-ever Diwali or Tihar Event at Diversity Plaza in Jackson Height, New York, Which was attended by Prominent Community leader of Chinese, Indian, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Burma, Tibet, and Korean Community gathered under the one platform and sent a message of Unity during Diwali Celebration.

Diwali is a festival of lights mainly celebrated by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs as well as Jains by more than Billion People all over the world. The festival usually lasts five days and celebrated during the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika. One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.”

Hami Nepali Global organized the event (Hami Nepali is the common organization for 28.89 million Nepali people living in Nepal and overseas. Furthermore, Hami Nepali is a common organization of 70K Nepali Americans living here in New York City) and Rotary Club of New York “Queens (Rotary unites millions of people and creates lasting change locally, nationally, and globally).

During this Diwali Celebration, Hami Nepali Global has honored Four Community, Mr. Dilip Chauhan, Prominent South Asian Comunity Leader as well as Former Deputy Comptroller of Nassau County and energetic Leader from Indian Community, Mr. Chong Duk Byun from Korean Community; Mr. Lok Nath Sigdel from Nepali Community; and Ms. Winnie Greco from Chinese Community. Award was presented by Assembly Women Elect, Jessica Rojas, Amrit Lama President of Hami Nepali Global and Nabaraj KC, President of Rotary Club of New York “Queens.” Queensboro President-Elect Donovan Richards was confirmed to participate, but, unfortunately, he was absent; however, the Diwali or Tihar celebrated successfully.

Nabaraj KC, President of Rotary Club of Rotary Club of New York “Queens’ (2019-2020), Med and Community Leaders, were spoken clearly that Diwali or Tihar must be considered City Holiday. City Council Candidates Ms. Ingrid, Ms. Moumita, and Mrs. Fatima clearly speak that if they win their 2021 election, they will get passed the resolution for Diwali/Tihar as City Holiday.

Nabaraj KC is a Community Leader for change; he is a doer, go-getter, pragmatist, and of course, a Community servant. Globally recognized humanitarian, Mr. Nabaraj is also a tireless advocate for the working families’ communities and immigrant champion.

Dao Yin, the former Queensboro Presidential Candidate, spoke that Queens is the home for all, and we all must be united and celebrate together for harnessing the rapport. Jessica Rojas, The Assemblywoman Elect, vividly spoke about the Queens, its diversity, and inclusiveness, which makes all proud as united Queens to celebrate each other.

The Covid-19 Hero Awardee, Mr. Dilip Chauhan, the Pro-Community person who said Queens is the home of immigrants and Diwali/Tihar makes Queens the most colorful city on the planet.

Left-Dao Yin, Nabaraj KC and Jessica Rojas
Left-Adam Kim (Founder of Asian American Alliance), Dao Yin (Queensboro Presidential Candidate), Winnie Greco (Deputy Borough President of Brooklyn), Dilip Chauhan (Indian Community Leader), Nabaraj KC (Nepali Community Leader), Hiren Chauhan (Indian Community Leader), Piyush Patel (Indian Community Leader), Purushotam Panthee (Nepali Community Leader), Ingrid Gomez (City Council Candidate), Shyam Karki (Nepali Community Leader).


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