Dr. Shambhu Dhungana New President of ANA, Senior Vice President Khagendra Adhikari, Vice President Mitra Kafle

प्रकाशित मिति : श्रावण ३२, २०७३ मंगलबार


On August 14, 2016, Mr. Roger Adhikari tendered his resignation to the ANA Board and asked it to be made effective immediately. ANA Board accepted his resignation and profusely thanked him for his able leadership of ANA during its most difficult period. The Board also thanked him for leading the work of holding the successful ANA Convention 2016 in Atlanta, GA, USA. As per the ANA by-laws, as the immediate past president, Mr. Roger Adhikari has now become a member of ANA Board of Trustees.
As per the ANA by-laws, senior vice president Dr. Shambhu Dhungana has become the new president of ANA.

The Board unanimously endorsed this. Dr. Dhungana has been involved with ANA activities since 2007 and was instrumental in bringing ANA back in the mainstream from its captivity during 2011-14. Dr. Dhungana has stated that his priority will be to build ANA’s institutional base and expand the organizational strength both in USA and Canada.
Mr. Khagendra Adhikari, current vice president of the Eastern Region has been appointed to the vacant position of senior vice president of ANA. Mr. Adhikari has tirelessly worked to help ANA succeed in all its ventures since January 2015.


ANA has also appointed Mitra Kafle of Toronto as vice president of Canada Region. Mr. Kafle and the ANA team will work hard to drastically expand its base and activities in Canada and bring more wide representation from there.

The same board meeting also adopted Shyam Sedai of Georgia as an Executive Member of ANA Board.

Established in 1983, ANA is a non-profit community organization with an objective of serving the Nepali Diaspora living in the US and Canada. It also works to support socio-economic development in Nepal and to promote Nepali culture in North America. ANA took the leadership to build the first Nepali Cultural Center in metro Washington DC area and has supported many charitable and educational programs in Nepal and in North America.

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