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Momochai Offers Mouthwatering Jhool Momo in New York

प्रकाशित मिति : जेष्ठ १८, २०७६ शनिबार

– Rajan Thapaliya

MOMOCHAI, a Nepalese restaurant, offers delicious and toothsome traditional Nepalese cuisine. The tasty and savory dishes don’t only entice your sensory nerves but also leave you craving for delectable traditional Nepalese food.

The owner of Momochai, Subas Lama, is a Nepali he ensures that the Momochai offers the true taste of Himalayan food to New York food lovers. Mr. Lama says, “We serve the best and authentic Nepali food in New York City. We continuously strive to keep the taste of our food original. We have the highest quality standards, ambient environment, and courteous staff to make your dining experience a memory.”

Frequently I visit Momochai for Johool Momo with friends. I tried just a few dishes, and I cannot express in words how much delighted I was. In addition to delectable food, the courteous staff makes your experience perfect.

While eating in Momochai, I felt that I was in Nepal and, I completely swept away in the memories of time spent in Nepal. If you are missing Nepal or want to experience the taste and hospitality of Himalayan people, visit Momochai.

The restaurant is located in Woodside. If you are missing Nepal or you cannot wait to eat Nepalese food, Momochai is the right destination for you.


57-16 Woodside Ave, Woodside, NY 11377 Phone: (347) 730-6089


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