UN Women Peacekeepers of Nepal Formed Police Unit (FPU) – Inspiration to All

प्रकाशित मिति : बैशाख १४, २०७६ शनिबार

-Bijaya Deuja

“Women can and must play a leading role in political participation, conflict resolution and the transition from conflict to peace”
-Herve Ladsous Head of UN Peace Keeping.

Women peacekeepers from Formed Police Unit (FPU) from Nepal are massively contributing to improvement for efficiency and effectiveness of UN peacekeeping operations and advancing stability. Women’s inclusiveness is ensuring women’s priorities as a focus to peace and security and addressing social, cultural and political hindrances as well as protecting from risks that confine their full participation in achieving and sustaining peace.

In the past few years, there is a remarkable increase in women representation in the UN. Growing from 1% total in 1993, to 4% of military peacekeepers and 10% of police personnel in 2017. It’s an appreciable determination that UN targets 15% of female military and 20% police officers.

In all diverse fields of peacekeeping, Nepal FPU women peacekeepers have proven that they can perform the same roles, to the same standards and under the same difficult conditions, as their male counterparts. They are proving their meaningful involvement in preventing conflict, promoting development on the use of measures and standards for implementation of UN mandates. Meanwhile, they are engaging civil societies comprehensively, via capacity building and enabling a better understanding of gender dynamics of conflict.

Similarly, they are providing benefaction in promoting intelligence regarding potential security threats. Moreover; they are enhancing access to community members by escalating situational awareness and tirelessly supporting the commanders to succeed their mandates, concurrently protecting civilians. Gender parity in peacekeeping forces reduces the risk of sexual exploitation and abuse, women participation in the security sector is related to less misconduct and complains. So, the perception of the public towards the force of integrity would be positive.

The recruitment of Nepalese Formed Police Unit in Peace Keeping Operation have proved to empower themselves in the host community. They are also helping make the peacekeeping force approachable to women in the community; In case of Gender-based violence, they aid in interviewing survivors of gender-based violence.

Similarly, Nepalese Formed Police Unit peacekeepers are also contributing tremendously to reduce conflict and confrontation. Through their regular duties such as short-range patrolling, and long-range patrolling, they are providing a greater sense of security to local populations, including women and children. Meanwhile, they are improving access and support for local women in the local community. They are inspiring women and girls in often male-dominated societies to push for their own rights and for participation in peace processes by broadening their skill set available within a peacekeeping mission.

During their service, Nepalese Peace Keepers from Formed Police Unit (FPU) highly emphasize and imply the core values of the United Nation; Respect for Diversity; Professionalism and Integrity. They do respect the people, language and cultural diversities of host countries concurrently they are also introducing reviving their own Nepalese culture in the international arena of the United Nation. Likewise, they are actively involved in humanitarian assistance during a crisis and natural disasters as well as participating in social works like a visit to an orphanage home, distributing them food, clothes, and stationeries, etc. Also, they are providing training on various vital issues like health promotion and awareness, prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) Gender-Based Violence (GBV), etc.

Women peacekeepers from Nepal Formed Police Unit are thus proved to be a ‘role-model’ promoting operational effectiveness and credibility via varieties of skills and competencies through a collaborative approach. Therefore, women peacekeepers from Nepal FPU are an exemplary and immense source of inspiration and pride for all people working globally.

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