The Conference “Role of Nepali Diaspora in Higher Education in Nepal” to Be Held in Toronto

The preparations for the conference “Role of Nepali Diaspora in Higher Education in Nepal” to be held in Toronto on July 7th are nearing completion. The conference will be held at Wycliff College, University of Toronto, Canada.

The conference is being jointly organized by Global Policy Forum for Nepal (GPFN), the Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA), and Canada Foundation for Nepal (CFFN), and NRNA NCC of Canada. The Nepali Embassy in Ottawa is supporting the conference.

Several scholars including from Canada, USA, and Europe will be presenting their papers related to the Diaspora’s role in supporting Nepal’s higher education programs. Nepali ambassador to Canada Kali Prasad Pokharel, and Canadian Federal Member of Parliament Dr. Geng Tan will be among the dignitaries attending the conference.

Conference attendees will include Prof. Basu Sharma of University of New Brunswick, Prof. Jeet Joshee of California State University, Dr. Ambika P. Adhikari of Arizona State University, Prof. Drona Rasali of University of Regina, Dr. Bidya Ranjit of University of Connecticut, Dr. Sara Chhetri of Ottawa, Dr. Shyam Thapa of Virginia, USA, Prof. Krishna Bista of Morgan State University, Prof. Rudra Aryal of Franklin Pierce University and Prof. Tulsi Dharel of Centennial College.


Similarly, Prof. Gokul Bhandari of University Windsor, Prof. Dinesh Gajurel of University of Brunswick, Prof. Sanjay Nepal of Waterloo University, Prof. Deepak Basyal and Prof. Mohan Thapa of University of Wisconsin-Marinette, Prof. Laxmi Pant, Prof. Bishnu acharya, Mr. Narayan Ghimire, Dr. Pramod Dhakal and Prof. Shyam Sharma of State University of New York will also present their papers at the conference.

The conference organizing committee includes Dr. Ambika P. Adhikari (chair), Dr. Tulsi Dharel (convener), Mr. Naba Raj Gurung, Mr. Gopi Krishna Kafle, Dr. Govinda Dahal, and Prof. Dinesh Gajurel.

Conference chair Dr. Ambika P. Adhikari has expressed optimism that this conference will create excitement among the Diaspora academics in Canada and the US to find ways to work with the counterparts in Nepal in supporting higher education programs in Nepal. Conference convener Dr. Tulsi Dharel has stated that he and the organizing team are eagerly looking forward to welcome all attendees in Toronto.


Further, according to the organizers, this conference will continue the good work done in the NRNA USA organized knowledge conference in San Francisco on June 16, 2018. The organizers expect to send the summary of the conference to the Nepali government and interested academic leaders. They also plan to publish the summary of the abstracts submitted for the conference.

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