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Nepal Dalit Women’s Upliftment Association Distributes Medicine And Other Supplies To 12 Health Posts In The Gorkha District

प्रकाशित मिति : भाद्र १३, २०७८ आईतबार

Nepali women, especially women living in rural areas, are vulnerable to chronic diseases, disability, mortality, and overall poor health. Globally, Nepal is one of the countries that have the highest women’s mortality rate. Amid the deadly second wave, the health delivery services for women were significantly affected. From maternity care to reproductive health services, mental health care to nutritional advice, the unavailability of healthcare services further increased the vulnerability of Nepalese women. With the second deadly wave of COVID-19 in rural areas, worse came to worst for Nepalese rural women. During these testing times, once again Nepal Dalit Women’s Upliftment Association came forward to tackle formidable challenges and mitigate threats to women’s health. In Gorkha District, Nepal Dalit Women’s Association distributed medicines and surgical equipment to around twelve health posts in Shahid Lakhan and Gandaki villages. During the exacting times of COVID-19, these medical supplies and equipment played an integral role in the continuation of medical services in rural areas. For decades, Nepal Dalit Women’s Upliftment Association has been at the forefront of the social and economic welfare of women. The association is ambitious to realize its vision of healthy, prosperous, and empowered women.

The goods transferred are as follows.

  1. Citamole
  2. Rhinex
  3. Sinex
  4. Sanitizer
  5. Surgical Max
  6. Tuscu syrup
  7. Metronidazole
  8. Oximeter and battery
  9. Digital thermometer
  10. PPE set
  11. Faceshield
  12. KN 95 Max
  13. Foot step
  14. Urinary tract
  15. Spitting pot

   न्युयोर्क स्टेट, डिपार्टमेन्ट अफ स्टेट, डिभिजन अफ कर्पोरेशन, दर्ता नम्बर: ५२५५२५८

नमस्ते मिडिया इन्क.

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