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Innovation and transformation expert Jean-Baptiste Gérard: Innovation is not inventing what does not exist; it is listening to the hidden evidence of what already exists

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  • Jean-Baptiste Gérard
The technological market has nowadays a growing scope, whose magnitude becomes more and more indisputable. The major stakes for many institutions and national territories are to equip themselves with the best technologies and the latest tools. The Information and Communication Technology market is now worth more than 4 billion dollars in the United Arab Emirates. The need to strengthen connectivity is increasingly felt, with new technological challenges, such as connected objects, smart cities, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Against this backdrop, GITEX was born, a technology-themed exhibition based in Dubai. This annual conference brings together technology culture from diverse backgrounds, with a total of over 150,000 visitors and over 100 nationalities. The panel of speakers is diverse and varied and includes speakers with prestigious backgrounds. We can also mention Vilnius Šapoka, the Minister of Finance of Lithuania, Mai Santamaria, former director of the Rothschild bank, Rahul Vijay, head of technology contracts at Uber but also young talents such as Jean-Baptiste Gérard. Jean-Baptiste Gérard is an engineer and designer with a passion for artificial intelligence and blockchain. He is a passionate advocate of strategy, innovation, and transformation. After studying at CentraleSupélec and Harvard Business School, he started his innovation and transformation consulting career at IBM. He then worked in several CAC 40 industries such as banking, energy and luxury. This allowed him to develop innovative projects in different areas, such as design thinking and artificial intelligence.
This allowed him to join Louis Vuitton (LVMH group) as an engineer and project manager to work on innovative big data projects. After winning several AI and Blockchain Hackathons, he has been a mentor for events like MIT Hacking Medicine, Techstars Startup Weekend and early-stage startups. As an engaged player, he participates in thoughts related to the emergence of new growth models related to AI and organization. He now focuses on the dynamics of developing innovative projects. This background and energy allowed him to speak at the 2020 GITEX and the upcoming 2021 GITEX. Enriched by an experience in big data at Louis Vuitton of LVMH, it was a question for him to intervene around the subject of big data, AI, and innovation. A speech is demonstrating that in view of the increase of data in companies, it is necessary to innovate more quickly to meet the needs of consumers. With the central issue of “How can big data and AI meet managerial challenges? He advised on creating an innovative service during his presentation; according to Jean-Baptiste, it is essential to take into account that “Innovating is not inventing what does not exist, it is listening to the hidden evidence of what already exists.” With the current health context, the world will go through the digital sieve and many young talents or still technical experts will see their skills solicited. Not only on a geographical scale but also a temporal scale in companies of various sizes.

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