Demonstration in front of UN headquarters demanding land reclamation

Nepalese in the United States protested in front of the UH headquarters against Nepali land encroachment. India’s new political map has stirred controversy in Nepal. According to a public political map from the Indian side, Limpiadhura, Lipulek, and Kalapani as part of their countries’ territory. Nepalese living in New York and surrounding areas have protested, saying the Limpiadhura, Lipulek, and Kalapani areas were encroached by India.

The program was organized in front of the UN Headquarters; Border expert Buddhi Narayan Shrestha emphasized that the map containing Nepalese territory, including Lipulekha, Limpiadhura, should be made public immediately. He also thanked the Nepalese migrants for the spontaneous program demanding the return of Nepali territory.

Renowned Nepali journalist Prem Baniya stressed the need for Nepalese from all over the world to protest against Nepal border encroachment by the Indian side. Journalists Prem Baniya and Anil Adhikari played a significant role in making the program successful. Many Nepali people have participated in the protest.


He said the memorandum of understanding regarding the Nepal-India border was submitted to the United Nations as it was optimistic that the UN would cooperate.

In the program, singer Sapna Shreei sang this Nepalese national song. Similarly, singer Ram Prasad Khanal sang a national song written about Kalapani, Limpiadhura and Lipulek.

The program was chanted against the Indian side in the border encroachment. After the protest, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez has been handed a memorandum through a spokesman.


The memorandum has been submitted, collecting the signatures of the participants in the demonstration and calling on them to play a positive role in resolving the border issues. The memorandum contains an analysis from the border expert Budhi Narayan Shrestha.

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