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Meet The Editor-In-Chief Kishor Panthi

Kishor Panthi is an investigative journalist born in Nepal and resides in New York. He writes about issues involving social issues, immigration, and politics. He is editor in chief of Khasokhas Weekly, New York-based Nepali weekly newspaper and the first accredited Nepali journalist by US Department of State. He is an anchor, host and US representative for ABC Television Nepal. As a child, Kishor would frequently listen to the Radio Nepal (official radio of Nepali government) with great interest and zeal. Through this, he found his passion and dream for one day pursuing a career in journalism. He wrote his first radio drama at

Early days

As a child, Kishor would frequently listen to the Radio Nepal (official radio of Nepali government) with great interest and zeal. Through this, he found his passion and dream for one day pursuing a career in journalism. He wrote his first radio drama at the age of 14. It was a motivational drama about helping leprosy victims, It was broadcast from Radio Nepal. Several years later after he decided to be a journalist, at 16 years of age, he began working as a news reporter in various national newspapers in Nepal. Panthi’s professional journalism career began in Mulyankan monthly, Janaahwan weekly and Janadesh weekly and his skills came to light during the great civil war time in Nepal. It was then that his writing skills caught the attention of various businessmen and politicians. His deep interest and admiration for commentating on social and political issues allowed him to obtain a remarkable voice to reach out to his community. Panthi worked as news editor and news anchor in a news radio in Rolpa that helped kickstart his career in an important way. Prior and during to his time working in the radio, Panthi had written several articles and investigative reports for the national weekly and monthly magazines including Mulyankan and Janadesh. After working for the magazine, Panthi moves around many different jobs as an editor at different magazines and also began writing articles for national daily newspapers as well as weekly and monthly magazines. In addition to his career as a reporter and investigative journalist, Panthi also started conducting workshops occasionally at several colleges and schools about journalism. Later on, he moved to the Palpa district of Nepal where he worked as a news editor for a radio station known as ‘Paschimanchal radio’ and quickly become known as the dashing radio journalist. It was a before a year working at the radio station when his big break came through – Sagarmatha Television. Later on, Panthi became a television news anchor and editor for Nepali news television channel ABC TV Nepal. His cumulative experience of working as a news editor for various radio stations and writing numerous articles for magazines helped him build quite a reputation in his line of work, growing his professionalism manifold. In April 2010, he moved to the USA as an accredited first Nepalese journalist to be authorized by the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Press Center to practice journalism here as a representative of ABC TV Nepal. Ready to explore new places, he settled in New York and launched the weekly show “Talk of the Town USA,” a half-hour program that first aired on ABC TV in 2008. Fourteen months he collaborated and produced shows for White Himal TV. White Himal is a New York-based online TV channel. Meanwhile, he started to publish White Himal Weekly, a few months later he quit the channel because of professional differences, he kept the publication going and renamed it Khasokhas.

Unique reporting style and personality

His role in reporting events during the civil war was instrumental for both him and Nepalese journalism. Panthi’s unique style is characterized by the amount of charisma he shows in reporting as well as his knowledge of the subject matter and communications skills that are sure to impress anyone. His interview showcasing the events of the civil war with the Maoist party chairman, Prachanda, and second in command, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, gave Panthi immense coverage and spotlight. He has since emerged as an icon of investigative journalism and many others have followed in the footsteps of his style of reporting and regard him as a guru in Nepalese journalism. As for his personality characteristics, Panthi is considered to have a cheerful and humble personality, also known for his boldness and utmost charisma that he shows in investigative journalism. Furthermore, he is extremely brilliant at dealing with people and networking and always impresses others with his exceptional taste for fashionable clothing and the signature dazzling smile.


Now that Panthi has moved to New York, his ‘Khasokhas Weekly’ newspaper currently circulates every week in the Big Apple and other main cities of the USA. The weekly newspaper addresses many of the needs and issues pertaining to the small Nepalese community after many of the citizens fled their home country after the civil war and immigrated to the US. Panthi has written on a variety of topics pertaining to his community, such as immigration, entry of undocumented Nepalese as well as how Nepalese have played a positive role in the US economy and their involvement in US culture, military. And politics. Furthermore, his TV show on ABC TV Nepal ( known as ‘Talk of the town’ ) has also been a major hit among the Nepali community and is currently engaged with this project. Panthi is currently busy on a book project. There is no doubt that Kishor Panthi has established himself as one of the high profiled investigative journalist Nepal has known. He has achieved many accomplishments within a very short span of time and will only continue to impress his people in the future.


भिडियो हेर्नुहोस्


Editor-in-Chief : Kishor Panthi
Deputy Editor-in-Chief : Ashmita Khadka
Executive Editor : Anil Adhikari
English Editor: Rajan Thapaliya
Editor: Deepak Pariyar
Editor (Business/US Politics) : Suresh Shahi
Multimedia Editor/Presenter : Kiran Marahatta
Europe Editor: Hari Krishna Panthi
Online Editors: Bikram Khatri, Aashish Khanal, Dikshya Panthi
Chief Photographer: Dipendra Dhungana
Editor (Empowerment) : Sapana Pariyar
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