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’18minus’ : A campaign to address the demand side of minors in the Adult Entertainment Sector

प्रकाशित मिति : बैशाख २२, २०७६ आईतबार

Equal Access International (EAI) with support from Freedom Fund announces the launch of a 6-month multimedia Social and Behaviour Change Communications (SBCC) campaign, ’18minus’ to reduce the demand of minors in the Adult Entertainment Sector (AES).

As per the recent study conducted by The Freedom Fund in 2018, more than 1600 minors are engaged in AES in Kathmandu, with over 60% of them working in sexually exploitative environment. The ’18minus’ campaign recognizes the imminent need to tackle commercial sexual exploitation of children at AES. This dynamic SBCC campaign is a part of a broad program of initiatives designed to reduce the demand for, and the exploitation of young girls in AES, whilst also supporting those leaving the industry to do so safely and with dignity.


Through a multimedia approach, the campaign will design and develop strategic behaviour change communications (BCC) based audio series, videos, outreach engagement campaigns which will be widely promoted via social media. According to Binita Shrestha, Country Representative of Equal Access International in Nepal, “the campaign aspires to raise awareness on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of minors in Kathmandu, and humanize their challenges and issues through thought-provoking media and outreach, and prompt Nepali male to say NO to minors.”


The campaign will also engage and collaborate with Nepal Police, social influencers, celebrities, and networks/organisations working for the rights and well-being of minors in AES.


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