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Dinesh Sunar Has Set the Fifth Guinness Book World Record in Parkour

प्रकाशित मिति : श्रावण ८, २०७८ शुक्रबार

Nepali parkour player Dinesh Sunar has set a new Guinness World record in the United States. Last March, under the sponsorship of Sunshine Taekwondo Academy in Akron, Ohio, Dinesh tried to set a world record for the title of ‘Most standing full twist backflips in 30 seconds‘.  Guinness Book set the record on Tuesday.

He managed to hit Twist Back Somersault 12 times in 30 seconds. In this category, for the world record, he had to hit Twist Back Somersault 8 times in 30 seconds, but he hit 12 times.

Earlier, on January 5 of last year, Dinesh set a new Guinness World Record by doing 460 backwards somersaults  in ‘The Most Backward Somersault Against Trampoline in an Hour (Individual) ‘ in the United States. He broke the record at an event in Virginia last year.

Dinesh thanked all those who came to the United States to help set a world record for further efforts to introduce Nepal to the world through the parkour game. Dinesh had set three world records in the parker game in Nepal.

He set the first world record on June 1, 2017 by twisting backflips off a wall 18 times in one minute. The second record was set on January 14, 2018. And the next record was set on March 11, 2019.

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