The song ‘Saman Sabai Jaat Hazur’ is public

प्रकाशित मिति : असार ९, २०७७ मंगलबार

(नेपाली)The song ‘Saman Sabai Jaat Hazur’ has been published with the objective of raising awareness against caste discrimination. The song was unveiled at a sit-in program in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, as the agitation and sit-in continued in Rukum West after six youths, including Naba Raj BK, were killed due to their caste.

During the ongoing demonstration in New Baneshwor, the song was jointly unveiled by Congress leader Jeevan Pariyar, Saja Party leader and social activist Prakash Chandra Pariyar, Rem Bishwakarma and others. Tikaram Sunuwar, Ganesh Budhamgar, Lokendra Sunar, Sanju BK and Govind Shahi along with Nab a Raj BK were killed in Rukum.

Protests against the same killings continue in various parts of the country, including Kathmandu The song has been made public in support. Lyrics and music by Dipendra Rasaili. Voices by Dipendra Rasaili and Urmila Lamgade. Singer Lamgade said that the song was composed to raise awareness against the incident in Chaurjahari of Rukum.

The song calls on the Dalit community to fight against discrimination that has been going on for a long time. Singer Lamgade, who has also acted in the popular teleserial Dalan of Nepal Television, said that the song sung by all castes speaks to society’s real character.

In Rukum West, six youths, including Naba Raj BK, were killed due to their caste. The song has given a strong message against caste discrimination. Singer Rasaili said that his song raised the voice of equality against the discrimination in society for a long time.

The song covers everything from respecting labor to sharing happiness. Singer Rasaili says that the world will be enlightened if the mind is enlightened.

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