Shweta Khadka Starrer KANCHI Releases in New York to Support Majhigaun Integrated Settlement

प्रकाशित मिति : श्रावण १९, २०७५ शनिबार

Shweta Khadka starrer, a famous Nepali Movie KANCHI is going to release for the first time in New York. The main motto of the movie is to support Majhi Basti in Sindhupalchok. The movie is screening in Gulshan Terrace, Woodside, New York.

Supporting the integrated settlement in Majhi Basti Sindhu Palchok. Majhi Basti was enormously broken by the massive earthquake. The settlement will provide a home for almost 63 quake-affected families when completed.

Actress Khadka had responded saying that “I have a very emotional connection with Sindhupalchok. The people of the district don’t identify me as an actress but they identify me as a daughter or a daughter-in-law.”

The Basant Dance Center is a training center teaching new dances in New York for a long time. After the big tragedy in her life, Shweta was far away from the Nepali Movie Industry. Finally, she is back as an actress as well as the producer of the movie. The movie was a success in Nepal. KANCHI is directed by Aakash Adhikari.

The movie starred by Daya Hang Rai, Anu Shah, Kameshwor Chaurasiya, Binod Neupane, Ashant Sharma. choreography by Bashant Shrestha, Music by Arjun Pokhrel and Action by Himal KC. Vijaya Nakarmi, owner and choreographer of ‘Basant Dance Center New York’ is coordinating and screening the movie ‘Kanchi’.

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