Bajeko Sekuwa New York Serves Mouth-Watering Authentic Nepali Cuisine

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With a mission to provide delicious and authentic Nepalese cuisine to the people in New York, The Nepali New Year 2075 started its operations with the launch of a premier food-chain BAJEKO SEKUWA. The restaurant is located in Sunnyside in Queens, New York. For the last four decades, Bajeko Sekuwa is serving rich Nepalese cuisine to its thousands of satisfied customers. Because the restaurant enshrines and enriches the values as well as customs of Nepal through delicious cuisine, the restaurant has become a second home for many expatriate Nepalese. On every visit, visitors feel a temptation to visit again Bajeko Sekuwa, not because of only quality of food, but for the hospitality of Bajeko Sekuwa. Bajeko Sekuwa has flourished because of its satisfied customers.  The restaurant offers a wide range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like Sekuwa, Tash, Nepali Khana set and many more for the past 37 glorious years. You can find almost every dish to indulge yourself with one of the world finest sizzling cuisine; dishes lavishly spiced with chili peppers, mixed with a lot of cheese, and a variety of dainty meat dishes containing tender and delicious meat.

After achieving remarkable success in the New York, the company is now ambitious for more expansion. In addition to plans for opening six more restaurants in the USA, the company aims at launching restaurants across India, Dubai, Qatar, Australia, and Europe. Bajeko Sekuwa is very ambitious and eager to fill the plates of food lovers in other markets with the tasty dishes of Nepalese cuisine gospel. Hospitality is an essential feature of the Nepalese culture. Taste and fervent hospitality goes side by side in Nepal, and this is the combination on which Bajeko Sekuwa excels. Courteous and chivalrous staff at the Bajeko Sekuwa is always ready to treat you with the true hospitality.

Mr. Ram Sharan Shrestha, manager of the restaurant, is truly a dynamic personality with great charisma. He is also serving as manager in Marriott Hotel. He is very courteous and hospitable, a paragon of hospitability. In fact, the people ascribe his courteous hospitability with the success of the restaurant. You should visit Bajeko Sekuwa restaurant Sunnyside New York to experience the most fervent hospitability.

Manoj Devkota, Manager at the restaurant, is very optimistic about the success of the company.  With the toothsome taste and highest standards of quality, Bajeko Sekuwa is likely to dominate in other markets.

Deepak Bhandari, the restaurant partner, says, “We serve the best and authentic Nepali food in the New York City. We continuously strive to keep the taste of our food original. We have the highest quality standards, ambient environment, and courteous staff to make your dining experience a memory.”

I along with my friends tried the delicious and mouthwatering Sekuwa. The toothsome taste and pleasing aroma are hard to express in words; it was really toothsome. I would like to suggest that if you guys are really considering to experience exotic Nepali cuisine, you should not miss Momo, Sadhe Ko Mutton Bengali Fish Curry, Sukuti Sadeko, etc. In the New York City, the restaurant serves its customers with the wide array of palatable Nepalese dishes. I have not experienced many dishes; however, based on whatever I have eaten, I can say that the restaurant serves its customers with the original and wide range of authentic Nepalese food in New York City.

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