11 Neighborhoods In NYC Where Cases Continue To Grow At An Alarming Rate

प्रकाशित मिति : आश्विन १५, २०७७ बिहीबार

Today, the Health Department issued a new Commissioner’s Order giving city agencies the power to issue closure orders to businesses for repeat non-compliance with State and local COVID-19 health and safety requirements.

This comes as the City continues to track 4 concerning clusters of COVID-19 cases in Southern Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Central Queens and Far Rockaway. Within these clusters there are 11 neighborhoods where cases continue to grow at an alarming rate, outpacing the citywide average by 3.4 times over the past 14 days.

These 11 are the only neighborhoods in New York City with positivity rates above 3%, accounting for over 29.9% of new cases citywide over the past 2 weeks despite representing 8.8% of the city’s overall population.


The 7-day average percent positivity is 6.43% for the 11 neighborhoods, while the citywide average is 1.52%. With the 11 neighborhoods removed, the 7-day average positivity for the city is 1.08%.

In addition to the 11 neighborhoods, we have identified 7 neighborhoods that, despite remaining under 3%, are quickly becoming an area of concern because of the growth of cases.

Guidance for Residents

  • All New Yorkers should continue to follow the Core 4wear a face covering, practice proper hand hygiene, maintain safe physical distance from others, and stay home if you are sick.
  • Get tested! All New Yorkers should get tested whether or not they have symptoms. Tests are free. Find a testing site near you.
  • Worship safely: Avoid large gatherings, especially indoors. If your house of worship has reopened, wear a face covering, don’t share chalices or utensils and avoid close contact with others including hand shaking and hugging — wave instead. If you’re singing, you must stay at least 12 feet apart from others.
  • As we begin a return to activities like dining out and shopping, it is essential that we continue to take steps to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

The City continues to deploy additional testing resources to these areas in order to suppress the spread.

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