Poem: Bijaya Deuja: Nurses-The Real Heroes

प्रकाशित मिति : आश्विन ९, २०७७ शुक्रबार

– Bijaya Deuja

Indeed, a nurse
Certainly feels heartbroken and devastated as the patients lose their life
When the patient recuperates or survives, her face is masked with a smile.
Experiences everlasting profound stresses and excruciating agonies
However, show empathy every ones’ suffering as her own miseries.

She owes impartiality and innocent eyes that flow mortifying tears.
She is also a human being with a plethora of emotions and a little fear.
She possesses modesty and virtue with a pure heart that hurts the same as others.
Neither does she expresses exasperation, nor does she manifest as being bothered.

Bounds to work hard with unlimited and vague job descriptions
No provision of job placement as per her skill and qualifications.
Nobody admires her hard work, sincerity, benevolence, and innovation
Instead of showing dignity, she is almost treated with gross humiliation.

It’s a harsh reality,
Almost all get deprived of advancement and staff development opportunities.
Despite being one of the largest workforces, they still lack unity and solidarity.
She deals each patient without stigma but with love, compassion, and grace.
Hardly neither any concerned officials listen to her grievances nor attempt to address.

In a bustling hustling duty,
Neither she can take a bite of a snack, nor does she take a single drop of water.
Neither she gets time for deep breaths nor gets time to empty her full bladder.
Her hunger center obviously gets stimulate when she feeds the bedridden patient.
Her circadian clock is distracted while she gives the patient the pills in the midst of the night.

She never lets patient care get compromised by her workplace frustrations.
She seldom loses her confidence and self-esteem by other’s dominations,
She is thrived to deliver consistent humanitarian service and quality care.
Despite their persistent burnout syndrome, they are still dedicated to holistic care.

Hey world!
Let’s appreciate Nurses’ tireless efforts and immense contributions.
Let’s value their significance and enrich them with abundant motivation.
As an organization’s productivity is strongly linked to their job satisfaction
Let’s cherish, respect, and foster the nurses with massive inspiration.

Nurses are the ‘True Health Heroes’ in each and every scenario!
Although the world can’t respect Nurses, let’s not dare to dominate.
Let’s appreciate, acknowledge and applaud the entire nurses globally,
Contributing even in pandemic and catastrophic situations constantly.

Big salute to every nurse working across the globe!
Hats off to their highly commendable contributions !

Bijaya Deuja, staff nurse of Nepal Police Hospital Kathmandu.
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