Essay: Abi KC: Late Marriage or Early Marriage?

प्रकाशित मिति : आश्विन ९, २०७७ शुक्रबार

– Abi KC

‘It is better to marry early, for it helps you adjust to the new family.’ We have heard even liberal parents say this to their daughters. Marrying early was and is still (in a huge section of strata) considered healthy and beneficial, making for permanent marriages. But with girls getting higher degrees and stepping into the workspace, more and more opt to marry late in life rather than early. An employee with Bonobology Shruti worked for four years.  She has earned enough to pay for her wedding.

According to the Nepal government for marriage, a girl’s age should be 20 and for boys, 22. Living in a society where marriage is considered to be the priority for a girl as soon as she reaches her 20s, so much so that from relatives to nosy aunties in the neighborhood all start asking about her wedding plans, this shift, which was much needed has come.

Late Marriage – Causes And Effects

  1. The change was slow but steady since the beginning of this century as women started focusing more on getting a good education and becoming financially independent, rather than using marriage as a meal ticket.
  2. Parents are positively shifting their focus in upbringing from getting a good groom to making education and skills to being self-sufficient.
  3. This has led to women’s economic empowerment, and they have more say in their own future.
  4. Effects of women empowerment, urbanization, and access to facilities are also responsible for this positive change in perspective
  5. Fear of commitment, change from a nuclear family to a joint family system has also influenced girls to delay their marriageable age until they are very certain of their choice.
  6. Effect of globalization- The internet and TV have brought Western culture to our doorsteps as people watch more shows like How I met your mother and friends, which typically show late marriages.
  7. With more individualization and focus on romantic love, girls want an ideal life partner and are willing to wait for the right person.


What Is Meant By ‘Late Marriage’

Late marriage indicates the rising trend of pushing marriage age into the late 20s and higher among women by personal choice and preference. However, based on the marrying later in life statistics as published by UNICEF, early marriage and child marriage is still a problem, albeit reduced in number than the previous century, in Bihar’s rural communities Rajasthan and Haryana.

But urban women equipped with good education and well-paid jobs are now more likely to postpone marriage. Read about the different countries like China, Germany, U.S, Indonesia, etc., and their average age in which their citizens tie the knot.

Abi KC

Reasons women are opting for late marriage·

Because judging a career comes first ·

They are opting for love marriage. There are Tinder, speed dating, and other options of matchmaking.

With rising financial independence among women, a sense of personal independence has also grown. Women now want to take charge of their personal decisions.

Being in a live-in relationship no longer raises eyebrows like before.


Advantages of late marriage for women

  • You have enough time for self-discovery.
  • You get time to grow and change.
  • You can enjoy personal freedom for a longer time.
  • You get wiser and find maturity.
  • You become surer of what kind of a life partner is right for you.
  • You find financial security.
  • You can pay undivided attention to your parents.
  • You can pay undivided attention to your parents.

Advantages of Early Marriage

Have time before planning kids. When couples marry young, they need not rush into things which include having a baby. …

• Cool Young Parents.

• Financial stability.

• Being Considerate and Having Patience.

• Being responsible individuals.

• Less to No Baggage in life.

• Sexual life.


Marrying later invariably delays the age of first pregnancy. Marriage after 18 years substantially increases the odds of women starting their reproductive careers after 20 years. This is expected in this population where women generally marry before having children.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Delayed Marriage and ChildbearingIs marrying and having births at a later age a “good” thing for the families that do it, or is it a potentially harmful side effect of other sweeping changes in the life course, such as young women increasing career orientation and young men’s declining earning power?

This is a difficult question to answer because delayed marriage and childbearing tend to occur in families with high educational attainment and other clear social advantages. Thus, it is often not sufficient to identify family advantages associated with delayed marriage and childbearing; One must also make a plausible case that such family advantages exist or are larger because of marriage and birth timing. Furthermore, delayed family formation has economic, social, psychological, and biological effects that are fundamentally incommensurate, so it is difficult to make a summary assessment of delayed family formation that all.



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