USCIS provides extended time to respond to notices

प्रकाशित मिति : भाद्र २७, २०७७ शनिबार

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has once again announced that it will give more time to applicants to respond to notices, such as request for evidence (RFEs) or notices to deny or revoke.

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, USCIS extends the flexibilities it announced on March 30, 2020, to assist applicants, petitioners, and requestors who are responding to certain requests for evidence, continuations to request evidence (N-14), notices of intent to deny, notices of intent to revoke, notices of intent to rescind and notices of intent to terminate regional investment centers, motions to reopen an N-400 pursuant to 8 CFR 335.5, receipt of derogatory information after grant, filing date requirements for Form N-336, request for a hearing on a decision in naturalization proceedings (Under Section 336 of the INA) or filing date requirements for Form I-290B, notice of appeal or motion.

This flexibility applies  if the issuance date listed on the request, notice, or decision is between March 1, 2020, and Jan. 1, 2021, inclusive.

The increased time for responding to H-1B related RFEs will be of significant help, as USCIS has recently done a ‘second’ lottery to select H-1B visa registrations.

More time will also be available in other cases, such as filing requirements for form N-336, which enables the applicant to appeal against a negative decision relating to his or her US citizenship or Form I-290B, which enables the applicant to request for a hearing in the citizenship process.

USCIS will consider a response to the above requests and notices received within 60 calendar days after the response due date set in the request or notice before taking any action. Additionally, we will consider a Form N-336 or Form I-290B received up to 60 calendar days from the date of the decision before we take any action.

USCIS is adopting several measures to protect our workforce and community and to minimize the immigration consequences for those seeking immigration benefits during this time.

USCIS will provide further updates as the situation develops and will continue to follow CDC guidance. Education and precautions are the strongest tools against COVID-19 infection. Please visit for USCIS updates.

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