प्रकाशित मिति : श्रावण ३१, २०७७ शनिबार

Ujjwal Sharma Thakuri, an exceptional and extraordinary karate player, holds six Guinness book world records. The most one leg full contact knee strikes wearing 5 K.G. ankle weights in one minute (male) is 71 and was achieved by Ujjwal Sharma Thakuri (USA), in Queens, New York, USA. on 29 February 2020.

Ujjwal is a master of martial art and GoJo-Ru Karate. He has also achieved a sixth-degree black belt in American Marine Goju-Ryu Karate. In addition to these distinctions, he has won many competitions, trophies, medals.

He lives in Leebrad Street in Springfield with his wife Priyanka and daughter Elizabeth. After spending his childhood in Kathmandu, Nepal, he came to the U.S. 16 years ago. As his childhood passed in Nepal, he is quite famous in the Nepali community. Having won so many records, Ujjwal feels very proud himself because he had been blessed to do something for his country Nepal. Being an amateur player, he doesn’t earn his livelihood from games. However, for the sake of earning, he has never compromised on his passion for sports. As a result, today, he is one of those who have played a significant role in Nepal. Ujjwal Thakuri is proud of Nepal.

To earn these records, he has struggled persistently for years. Today, having won so many competitions, he wishes that his parents were with him today and could see his success. At the time of winning Guinness world record for the third time, he said emotionally, “At this time, I want to remember my parents. If they were in this world today, they would have been very proud of this record that I made today.”

Congratulations letter from Senetor
Mark R Warner
United State Senator

In the near future, Ujjwal Thakuri wants to teach and share his knowledge about martial arts as well as he wants to educate more people through social work.

Special thanks to all:

1. Gouri Joshi / secretary NRN ICC
( $1000 sponsored) Judges for 6th world record

2. Nabaraj Kc
Global Humanitarian, Entrepreneur and Leader – Judges for 6th world record

3. Janak sing khadka ( karate national player Nepal / world champion hangery)

4. Rajan Thapaliya
Forbes contributor/Judges for 6th world record

5. Mohan Bista
Shotokan Kai karate
4th degree black belt

6. Lion Surya Simkhada
Girija prasad foundation
Central committee member
Katrate player

7.  Bishwo Bahadur Shah
Former Nepal Army / social worker

8. Krishna Bahadur Balal
6th degree Black Belt
Taekwandow Master

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