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Today is World Press Freedom Day, the day Khasokhas was started

प्रकाशित मिति : बैशाख २१, २०७७ आईतबार

New York-based news portal Khasokhas enters its seventh year on May 3, World Press Freedom Day. Khasokhas was launch since May 3, 2013. Before that, it was published as White Himal Weekly. It has completed seven years now.

‘Khasokhas’ is a Nepali community-based news portal since 2013. It has a daily web portal that can be accessed on at any time all around the world. The team of Khasokhas addresses news with utter surety and research. Since its beginning, it has published news, articles, and reports about American politics, economy, immigration, and Nepalese community-related issues in the USA. It has successfully managed to be recognized as a newspaper with an accurate journalistic approach.

Prolific Nepali journalist/Editor in chief of Khasokhas Kishor Panthi Says, “Journalism is not the only criticism. We have learned the lesson that the media can be not only a critic but also a guide and ally of the people and the community.”

Journalism plays a crucial role in uniting the world. Whether it be the development of the nation or developing policy for the future of the country, journalism plays a vital role. ‘Khasokhas’ is a Nepali word that translates to ‘verified truth.’ For the past month, Khasokhas has been covering mostly coronavirus related topics and has created coronavirus portals, including fact check and resource center. Likewise, Khasokhas has a series of stories (Text and Video) of people that successfully recovered from the disease to give our readers hope. 

According to Alexa ranking is ranked top amongst other US-based Nepali news portals. is the most visited Nepali news site in the USA and Nepal. This website is trendy among the Nepali community in the USA for television shows and news. Khasokhas vows immigrant issues, social issues, innovative ideas that are the reason for gaining popularity in the arena of media.

Some Nepali in the United States who do not understand English are benefiting by reading the Khasokhas in the United States.Whether it is legal consultation or the earthquake in Nepal or the current epidemic in the world, the contribution of Khasokhas to the Nepali community is very commendable.

The audience of Khasokhas consists of a wide range of tribes from Nepal currently living in the USA. The majority of our audience are working-class Nepali immigrants age 18 through 70. Almost half of them cannot speak English, making Khasokhas publication their major of information in the USA.


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Editor-in-Chief : Kishor Panthi
Deputy Editor-in-Chief : Ashmita Khadka
Executive Editor : Anil Adhikari
English Editor: Rajan Thapaliya
Editor: Deepak Pariyar
Editor (Business/US Politics) : Suresh Shahi
Multimedia Editor/Presenter : Kiran Marahatta
Europe Editor: Hari Krishna Panthi
Online Editors: Suraj Ghimire, Bikram Khatri, Aashish Khanal, Dikshya Panthi
Chief Photographer: Dipendra Dhungana
Editor (Empowerment) : Sapana Pariyar


Resource Person: Bishwa Bahadur Shah
Goodwill Ambassador: Yam Baral
Magazine Layout: Deel Gurung

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