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Residents in Northern California Hold Vigil for Victims of Halloween Party Shooting

प्रकाशित मिति : कार्तिक २५, २०७६ सोमबार

A group of residents from a neighborhood in Orinda city, northern California, held vigil on Sunday night for the victims who were killed at a Halloween party last month, a local TV outlet reported.

The Orinda residents sang and prayed for the five people who lost their lives in a shooting at an AirBNB rental home on the night of Oct. 31 during Halloween celebrations that were attended by more than 100 people, KRON4 TV said.

The names of the victims were read one after another during the memorial service, and one of the attendees said they wanted the families of the deceased to know they “tried to offer a moment of comfort tonight,” the TV reported.

Among the dead were three young people in their early 20s who were shot dead at the scene, while two others, including a 19-year-old girl, died in hospital later, according to Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office.

Police have not released the motive of the shooting, and no arrests have been made after nearly two weeks. Authorities say they found two guns at the scene.

Airbnb Inc., an online rental operator based in San Francisco, announced early this month that it would ban unauthorized party houses.

The company promised to double down efforts to prevent renters from holding unauthorized parties at houses rented via its online services.

Last Friday, it agreed to pay funeral costs for the five victims, saying the funds will support the bereaved families with funeral and counseling services.

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