Khasokhas Weekly is published weekly and read by thousands of Nepalese and Nepali speaking population in the USA. According to the 2010 US Census, there are 59,490 Nepalese in the USA. The actual number is much higher due to under-counting. According to DHS, there are around 25,000 US citizens of Nepalese descent. Some of the over 85,000 Nepalese speaking Bhutanese who have resettled in the United States have already become naturalized U.S. citizens. There is a large number of Nepalese speaking Tibetan and Nepalese speaking Indian in the USA. Khasokhas Weekly is the leading newspaper and authentic source of information regarding Nepalese community in the USA among them.

Khasokhas Weekly is published every Friday in the art and business capital of the world – New York City, USA. Launched on 15 January, 2012, Khasokhas Weekly is also the first Nepalese weekly newspaper to have been published in the United States. It has its daily web portal and weekly archive, which can be accessed on all around the world. ‘Khasokhas’ is a Nepali word that translates to ‘verified truth’. The team of Khasokhas addresses news with utter surety and research. Since its beginning, it has published news, articles, and reports about US politics, economy, immigration, and issues facing Nepalese community in the USA.

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