Tobacco sale ban without license

Kathmandu: In a bid to reduce intake, and control and regulate the use of cigarette and tobacco, the government will now permit the sale of tobacco products only to firms with tobacco license.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers on Thursday took a decision stating that use of tobacco products was causing hazards on human health.

Health Minister Gagan Thapa said that government’s fresh move has come as per the legal provision of receiving the license for the sale and distribution of tobacco items if the government so wishes.

The government has given the deadline of mid-March this year for taking license and to be registered in the government agency for the sale and distribution of the tobacco items. The Health Ministry would issue a notice for the same.

Now onwards, the shopkeepers would not be allowed to sell the tobacco products to the persons below 18 years.
Likewise, Assistant Chief District Officer has been assigned the job of monitoring its implementation.

Similarly, Mental Health Building is to be built in Kanti Child Hospital. Minister Thapa said that the building is being constructed with the plan to making the Kanti Child Hospital a ‘Center of Excellence’. RSS

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